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  1. PhilLUFC

    PhilLUFC Member

    Thinking about getting a milltek exhaust for my 2.0 tdi what im hoping to get it remapped soon to 170-180 bhp thinking of getting the cat back system what has a Pipe Diameter of 63.50mm (2.50") just wondering what it will sound like with it been a diesel cos my mate has a audi estate and he got bigger bore pipes and it sounds awesome but his is the 2.4 tdi engine

    cheers phil
  2. Chris92

    Chris92 New Member

    Hello mate,

    I'm currently looking for an exhaust system for my 2.0 tdi was wondering are you going to a garage to get in custom made or is it one you buy and stick on yourself? if so you couldn't link me to it.


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