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Exhaust Tuning

Seifer780 Sep 28, 2009

  1. Seifer780

    Seifer780 Member

    So I'm starting to look at the way this car is designed and am trying to figure out more ways to get some more power out of this car. I know it is not completely maxed out on what it can do. The engine is pretty good for a 4 cylinder, and the engineering behind the whole system is quite nice.

    Something that I would like to start exploring is the exhaust. Specifically, where are the main constraints in the system? Finding the cfm ratings in the muffler and cats to see if these can be improved upon. Making the intake system is very important but it's null if you can't push out the exhaust out faster than the air can be sucked in. I've been taking a look around and have stumbled upon this site which seems to offer just what I speak of.


    Has anyone tried anything like this? This is a very good car and I know with exhaust tuning, performance can be really squeezed out of the car. Less restrictive exhaust means not as much energy required to get to the same RPM level, not as much gas needing to be sent to get that same amount of energy out, and better mileage.

    It's called performance with economy!! :) Yes, I can simply turn up the boost but thats the EASY way.
  2. Seifer780

    Seifer780 Member

    Well? Has anyone tuned their exhaust or had experience?? This is a SPORTS FORUM. I would think someone would have at least done this.
  3. paul20v

    paul20v Audi fanatic

    ive only ever put after market systems on which will give little gains but in all honest nothing to shout about on a road car ,
    im sure there is small gains but on pretty standard cars not much
    gains in power are more about engine and electronic tuning thats where real gains are too be had then also the exhaust system can play a bigger part .

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