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Exhaust quote

quattro rob Jan 7, 2010

  1. quattro rob

    quattro rob Member

    just been to a local CUSTOM exhaust place near me, i know the boss bother quite well so i get a bit of discount but was shocked how cheap he quoted me for a 3" custom downpipe, 3"decat section and a 2.5" straight though center with a 2.5" jetex back box with a 2x 2" exit which will be hidden behind rear bumper ( so will look factor from the rear), all in at £450 plus vat (which is wat most ppl pay for a catback) so if all goes well should be fitted some time next week, then stage 2 revo time :)

    i know it will be loud but i like loud cars so a milltex isnt going to cut it for me, if it a bit too much on the loud side ill get a centre box put it
  2. Sandip

    Sandip Well-Known Member Team Nogaro Blue

    That's a pretty good price, try and take some pictures of the downpipe and system. Would be interesting to see the quality of the system being made :)
  3. DJ_Troopa

    DJ_Troopa K1 Driver

    Sounds good that does! I'm getting my exhaust on Monday, can't wait! :D be god to see what the downpipe is like! Only downpipes i can find are the one around the £300 region :(
  4. StevoS3

    StevoS3 Member


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