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Exhaust note

Sonya Sep 17, 2008

  1. Sonya

    Sonya New Member

    Please can someone point me in the direction of forum content on A8 exhaust note enhancement. I'm a new owner and looking for ways to enhance the exhaust note without breaking the bank. I like the way it can waft quietly round in an unobtrusive way, but want to have a little more presence when I put my foot down. I find it begins to open up at around 4500rpm.

    Is there anything simple I can do to have it open up a little earlier or provide a little more presence higher up? Any ideas welcome.

    Tart I know, but am influenced by Ronin [​IMG]
  2. axelfols

    axelfols Member

    Sorry i cant help you but i really hope sommeone has the answer to you're question. I am in the same "prediciment" as you and would love a bit of ooomph from the exhaust. Watched Ronin car chase far too often to mention!
  3. Pimpster

    Pimpster Rolling Thunder...

    There's plenty of info over on TSN. Basically you need a X-Pipe.

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