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Exhaust blowing problem& Gearbox mount underneath

joebickerton89 Feb 17, 2013

  1. joebickerton89

    joebickerton89 Member

    hi all after fitting my new clutch and flywheel its all gone back together nicely all that i needed to do was bleed the clutch to make the pedal spring back abit more and replace a broken bottom gearbox mount. so on the way to get my new mount which is 2minutes away driving at slow speed with no quick acceleration etc i got to a junction and pulled out but let the clutch up to quick as im not used to it yet and engine knocked against something and bang sounds like ive not even got an exhaust on like a tractor. i think the engines come back or forward to much and ripped a pipe or something off? well it must of done but any ideas what it could be? or what few things it could be. downpipe ripped off i thought at first but not to sure. just wondered if someone on here had done such a stupid thing also? any help appreciated. im going to jack it up tommorrow and put it on axle stands to see if i can see anything.thanks again

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