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Exhaust Blowing Dilema

Grazam Sep 15, 2012

  1. Grazam

    Grazam Member

    Car is a 51 plate TQS ARY 180 K03s

    Exhaust has had a very small leak since MOT a few weeks ago then in a matter of two-three days its just opened up and is pretty loud now, but only till the engine heats up and then its pretty quite not sure if expansion of metals closes the gaps or something.

    I took it into my friends dads garage but he didn't want to touch it, because the leak is near the manifold he thought it might be the turbo cracked or something along those lines and he can't give me the car back to drive if it is the turbo, so I said it was fine I will do it and look into getting a K04 and all the other parts (listed below) if it is the turbo.

    exhaust (full system)
    TIP (Badger prolly)

    I was wondering as I haven't done anything with this car exhaust wise and was wondering what work is required to take exhaust off ( if it is not the turbo)

    If it is the turbo, what are recommended parts for the k04 conversion, and any if i have missed them with a rough cost, and time to fit anything to look out for and other jobs to do at the same time, or if it is just easier to take the whole engine out and buy a bam and sell mine.

    If anyone could help that would be fantastic.
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  2. Greg-S3

    Greg-S3 Active Member

    I'd smoke test the exhaust first so you can find out exactly where its leaking from first. No point guessing and just start taking the car apart mate

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