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Exhaust also

chrisa4quat Jul 29, 2007

  1. chrisa4quat

    chrisa4quat Active Member

    Whilst on subject i am looking for a new exhaust too, i have a jetex cat back fitted, and would like to replace it, i would really like a quad system but been told not possible, or maybe an oval design, i hear miltek is the way to go?
  2. mat20vt

    mat20vt Member

    i found miltek was very boomy on m-way driving. had it on my golf, them removed for a jetex system. jetex was not as loud, but when driving hard, it had a nice roar
  3. dappadan786

    dappadan786 Member

    dont go powerflow whatever you do mate!

    the tip goes blaack after a few days! you might get a decent fitter who knows what he's actually doing, all depending on who's working on the day!

    Stay awake mate, ive got 1 and im looking to go milltek once ive got the turbo upgrade done.

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