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Excuse my complete ignorance, but....

skaj19 Feb 10, 2011

  1. skaj19

    skaj19 New Member

    What brakes have I got? I'm trying to buy a new set of front / rear pads & discs for my A6 2.5TDI Avant Quattro on a 52 plate - I think I'm right in saying I need 312mm ??

    I'm just looking on ebay and although there's loads listed for the A6 the choice seems somewhat more limited (and expensive!) for the Quattro model, added to that I can't seem to find a whole front & rear set for my car..?

    Really grateful if someone could point me in the right direction of what brakes I need and where best to get them from. Oh, and finally - does anyone know what chassis my car would be - B5, C4, Z10 or whatever... I've no idea.

    Thankyou, apologies for boring the pants off you all.

  2. on a 52 plate you have a C5 platform A6. Regarding the brakes i think you have 312mm like you say but if you look in the technical forum under handling i'm sure i posted something similar with a table of various brake options. Can't paste links as on my phone and don't know how!
  3. simonwjones

    simonwjones Member

    Ive found on mine that when it comes to brake pads,disks,calipers and suspension arms, dont bother telling them the model of the car. Just tell them its a 2.7T

    Trust me, the number of times Ive had to take parts back, even though THE BOOK says they are right, is unbelievable


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