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Exciting News at AMD Essex

ben@amdessex Jan 23, 2009

  1. ben@amdessex

    ben@amdessex Member

    You may remember this http://www.amdessex.com/news.read.cfm?articleid=60 from back in November 2008 and if you have been down to us in Essex you may have seen a KTM or two.

    So whats the news........................

    AmD Essex are pleased to announce that they are now an Official KTM Dealer.

    AmD Essex are pleased to announce that we are now an Official KTM Dealer for sales, service and tuning.
    Since November 2008 we have been tuning the KTM X-Bow and due to the sucess of this KTM have asked us to become one of there select few dealers. Not only will we continue to tune these Race Ready Road cars but will also be selling, repairing, tuning and servicing them as an Official KTM Dealer.
    We will be launching our dealership next Wednesday at Brands Hatch where will have some major names from the magazine world i.e EVO, PVW, VW Driver, Audi Driver, Auto Car, Track and Race car where they will get a chance to try out the AmD Tuned KTM-Bow.
    So far we have developed a CAI system, exhaust system which is noise tunable for track days, fitted a bigger turbo upgrade with switchable REVO software, uprated injectors and fuel pump which has seen the power taken from a subtle 237bhp up to a massive 360+ bhp!
    We are also finalising the details on our GT4 KTM Race Car. This year not only will we continue to run our AmD Seat Leon's inconjuction with Dunlop and Seat UK in the Dunlop Sport Maxx Championship but will also be running KTM X-bow's in the ever popular Britcar Championship and also the FIA GT4 Championship! With this also in mind at Brands Hatch next Wednesday we will be testing suitable drivers.

    So expect to see afew more of these in Essex!

  2. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    thats mental mate, but also intriguing styling aswell, bet that literally sticks to the ground round corners, never was one for them but this is something different

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