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exchange ?

carl310166 Jun 4, 2004

  1. carl310166

    carl310166 Member

    has anybody actualy had an exchange MAF? i have just had mine replaced at the dealer,but i paid full price for it,when i mentioned the exchange deal,i was told it was not available for my car (99 a3 qt). i emailed Audi u.k,but had no reply,so i rang them yesterday,but they had not heared about this. i would be greatfull if anybody who has had an exchange done,could they post details of how they managed to do this.
    also,my car is even worse than before it went in for work done...the mpg has dropped to 24.6 ave,the 50-70 time in top is about 11 secs,where as before,i am sure it was about 8 secs (anybody confirm this?,there is also a delay when i blip the throttle,and if i accelerate smoothly,it feels like it's very,very slightly pinking. so it's booked in again on weds.i have been told i will have to take the technician out for a test drive,so i hope the symptoms are still there then.

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