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Excessive issues - where do you think I stand?

warren_S5 Apr 1, 2008

  1. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Moderator VCDS Map User


    Last year I bought my S3 (march 2007), and since then I had had to go back to dealers a good few times with issues.

    Car spent 1 week in October 07 at dealers where they fitted a new front offside damper, and tried to diagnose a hesitation fault (and couldn't as no DTC's). In the end an independent specialist resolved for me.

    A few months on and my car has been in Audi dealerships for a further 3 weeks with MAF issue (OK so I appreciate these are tat), and then the clutch, dual mass flywheel has also been replaced. I was supposed to pick the car up today, but Audi called on Friday to say the rear diff seal had gone and the diff was leaking oil. It turns out when they go to order a seal that they are on back order and none are available in the immediate future. Once the seal has been replaced it will be re-road tested and if the seal hasn't cured it they have committed to replace the rear diff.

    Now I can't fault the dealer who is doing the latest work. Oxford Audi have been very good, and their service person is brilliant.

    My issue is that I have never had a car so expensive with so many issues. As mentioned in another thread, as the dealer is doing all the work and the car is >6 months old then this will be deemed as an acceptable situation. My annoyance is that I only really cruise up and down the A34 every now and again, the mileage is low, and if it continues to break down or be unreliable it is a total inconvenience for me. I won't want to use the car as I'll be waiting for something else to fail!

    I'm tied into a 3 year finance deal, (one year in), and am thinking of whether to take the hit and trade the car in for an A5 3.0TDi Quattro. My issue is that I take a massive depreciation hit just to get away from a car that should work, so Audi give me a **** trade in and then sting me full price for another car (unless I go for a 335d coupe).

    Be interested to hear any thoughts or advice of what people think I should do if this kind of reliability issue continues. Please note I don't dislike the S3, I like it a lot. As you can imagine my patience is a bit pushed at present, so don't want to act irrationally!
  2. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Moderator VCDS Map User

    The car is driven 90% motorway, and quite sympathetically so to be honest its had a really easy time on the public roads. I gave my Leon Cupra R a much harder time that the S3 and it never gave me a minutes issue other than a torn DV pipe which cost £3 to fix.

    Because it's a nicer car I tend to drive it sensibly as a rule.

    Like you say, there's still the chance to fall back in love, but when you've put down £10.5k, and you're paying nearly £500 every month, a little reliability isn't much to ask for!
  3. julians

    julians Member

    I write all this assuming the car is standard, if you've modified it then all bets are off, even the smallest change could have an impact on another component, change of air filter could affect MAF for instance.

    The MAF is pretty fragile, so I wouldnt read much into that failing, probably a one off. The flywheel needs replacing because the clutch has worn out and then continued use of a worn clutch has worn the flywheel. There is no doubt that a standard car shouldnt wear out a clutch in 12000 miles without serious abuse.

    I would want to know why the clutch has failed so soon, is/was the car remapped? Do you do full bore/drop the clutch take offs all the time? Do you ride the clutch, ie rest your foot on the pedal? If the answer to all of these is no, then ask the dealer to tell you why it worn out so fast.

    Get it all fixed up under warranty, run it for another year, if its reliable now then all is good, if things still fail then sell it whilst it still has some warranty.
  4. sjahS3

    sjahS3 Member

    I've a mate who was in a very similar position, but the car causing his grief was a MY07 350Z..

    Now drives a remapped A5 3.0TDi Quattro funnily enough :).

    Mind you his work commitments also changed which meant he had to do long 100 mile+ motorway journeys fairly regularly instead of the occasional 10 mile commute.

    Probably be worth seeing what sort of figures an Audi/BMW dealer can come up if you want to get out though, to see just how feasible it'd be.

    My 2p's worth..

  5. CJP80

    CJP80 Member


    I put down less deposit than you and drive a 987 Boxster S for half of what you're paying a month!

    If I was having your trouble I'd be out of that car in a flash. You will take a big hit though.

    If you were seriously considering a new car I would suggest the 335d is a better drive than the A5, but the Audi has it licked in every other department.

    I would also say that modding a car outside of the manufacturer tolerances carries with it inherent risks, but you seem to have fallen victim to more than your fair share though.

  6. bacardi

    bacardi Active Member

    To be honest I'm not suprised, I'm shocked at the fragility of some A3's remap or no remap.

    Seeings as you seem to have a decent dealer, Have you asked them/Audi HQ for a favourable PX value against another Audi considering all the aggro you've been through? If they feel they may keep you as a customer they may be a little helpful
  7. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Moderator VCDS Map User

    Am considering this as an option if it continues to play up. I'm happy to throw a few more quid in the pot and go for a 3.0TDi A5 Quattro Sport. I've just started a new job and the mileage is likely to be going up. The A5 diesel does 0-60 in 5.9s so isn't a million miles away from the performance of the S3.
  8. katsumoto

    katsumoto Member

    I feel what you feel like at the moment, similar sort of scenario. I'm also considering whether to trade in, take the loss on depreciation and just get a more reliable car. Mine's had brake issues, gearbox issues and possible bearing issues too! (Recently started hearing a noise that is repetitive while slowing down on the right side)

    So, I'll be keeping an eye on this post and possibly taking some needed advice!
  9. L60N

    L60N Guest

    Its a poor do Warren. You bought a car you thought would be a treat, and its giving you grief, thats not good.

    Looking at the issues objectively.

    A car of any brand/model can turn out to have problems, both initially, and repeatedly. Thats inherent with any car so my advice would be this this:

    1. If you like the car it "should" be, then give Audi a chance to put it right for ya.


    2. If youve had enough, and you now long for something else, then look for a trade in.
    And please forget the problems whilst thinking about the second one, Audi may put them right.

    Good luck with it :sorry:

  10. bacardi

    bacardi Active Member

    That's quite quick!
    Looking at my experience, letting Audi try to fix only weakens your case, you appear to have given them a fair crack of the whip, not sure how much more accomodating you could be

    One thing I would do myself is try to get some guarantees from the dealer that if you go down the trade in route and the A5 turns out to be a lemon they'll look after you, afterall, as L60N says, repeat problems can arise with ANY car

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