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Excess oil around erg value.

stewd Jul 3, 2013

  1. stewd

    stewd Member VCDS Map User

    Ok, so long time no talk from myself, been busy with work and after a bwm thought it would be a good idea to drive into me followed by a stone cracking the windscreen. And autoglass not playing fair.

    I have just noticed a lot of excess oil around the top of the engine but it does not look like a gasket has gone anywhere, would any one have any idea where this would be coming from?

    Any help would be welcome or idea's.

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  2. JimS3

    JimS3 Active Member

    Looks like one of the EGR seals has gone.

    The oil is originating from the crank case breather, traveling round the boost pipework and making its way out around the egr.

    The erg valves on the diesels need cleaning every so often anyway, so I would remove it and and clean it inside and out.
    When re-fitting replace the gasket between it and the exhaust feed, the o-ring between it and the inlet manifold and the seal on the 90 degree charge pipe that connects into it

    Hopefully that will stop your leak, if not then with the area cleaned up it should be easier to see if it is leaking around the vacuum diaphragm or elsewhere.

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