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Evolve Automotive Fuel Saving Guide

Evolve Jun 24, 2008

  1. Evolve

    Evolve Member

    With fuel prices ever on the increase, we have been asked by more and more of our customers for advice on fuel economy. Along with a number of tips, Evolve Automotive have also developed Economy Re-Tuning software to help cars improve their fuel economy. We thought we would share this with the community to help save on fuel, especially with prices going higher day by day.

    Firstly, there are a number of things that you can do to help improve your MPG figures.

    1)Tyre Pressure: It is important to regularly check your tyre pressures. Under inflated tyres create more resistance on the road so ultimately use more fuel.
    2)Oil: Using the correct oil for your car helps your engine to work efficiently.
    3)Servicing: Regular servicing of your vehicle will assist you in maintaining not only the life of the engine but its efficiency. Better engine efficiency = better fuel consumption.
    4)Weight Loss: How many of us drive around with our boots full of stuff? If you don’t need it for the journey, take it out. Less weight = more MPG
    5)Roof Racks: If you are not using your roof rack, take it off. Better streamlining = better fuel economy.
    6)Plan your journey: Check the latest traffic reports before setting out. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a traffic jam. If you know exactly where you are going and how to get there, you will reduce the risk of getting lost. The less miles you drive, the less fuel you waste.
    7)Errands: If you have a number of things to do, try to combine all the journeys in one go as cold starts tend to be inefficient.
    8)Ever tried walking?: Maybe we are too reliant on our cars today. Consider the alternatives – walking or cycling shorter journeys will help to reduce your fuel bill.
    9)Time to go: Don’t start the engine until it’s time to go. An idling car is burning fuel.
    10)Driving Style: Develop a smooth driving style. Accelerating gently and reading the road conditions ahead will help to avoid unnecessary braking.
    11)Stopping: Decelerate smoothly with a view to keep the car rolling if possible. Stopping and starting uses up more fuel.
    12)Changing Gears: Changing up earlier between 2000 rpm to 2500 rpm can make a big difference in helping to save fuel.
    13)Air-con: Air conditioning increases fuel consumption especially at low speeds. At higher speeds, the effects are less noticeable. Around town, it is more economical to drive with the windows open than to have the air conditioning on.
    14)Electrical Accessories: All electrical loads will have an impact of your fuel economy. Turn off any electrical function if it is not needed.
    15)Speed limits: The faster you go, the more fuel will be consumed. Sticking to the driving. Most cars have an optimum speed for fuel economy. It’s always good to know what yours is when cruising on motorways.
    16)Stuck in traffic: If you think it’s likely you will be stationary for a few minutes, turn off your engine

    If you follow all this advice, you will see an increase in miles per gallon and ultimately reduce your fuel bill.

    Evolve Automotive have just released an Eco-Map. The Eco-Map is a process of retuning your car to improve Fuel consumption. In tests spanning 10 months, results have shown an average of 10% increase in MPG for diesel turbo cars.

    Evolve Automotive have been in the car tuning industry for a number of years. The focus has always been on optimum power output for performance vehicles but due to the ever increasing fuel prices, we have added the Eco-Map to our services. We have managed to keep this process relatively affordable with prices starting from £299.

    The process of mapping the vehicles is a relatively straightforward one. We take a read of the cars software and then we change some parameters to make the car run more efficiently.

    Through this process, the car generally ends up with an increase in BHP, increase in torque and an increase in MPG. :)
  2. L60N

    L60N Guest

    :blink: :uhm: :scared2: :wtf: :laugh:
  3. Evolve

    Evolve Member


    :) It is the cheapest way to save on fuel......:);)
  4. Kontraband

    Kontraband Active Member


    Nah, the cheapest way is to not even bother! Just sit on your ass! :yes:
  5. Evolve

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    :laugh: True...

    However if anyone is interested in saving on their fuel, with our Eco Power maps then look at this thread here for our special one month introductory prices :rock::

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