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EVO petrol comparison

robthehungrymonkey Dec 6, 2005

  1. Anyone else read EVO's petrol comparison article?

    Makes some very interesting reading. Thoroughly tested Shell 95 RON, BP 95 RON, Optimax, BP Ultimate, Tesco 99 RON and a race fuel (that cost £352 per litre!) to see if the benefits reached that high.

    A very brief summary:

    BP ultimate recorded the best power/torque figures followed closely by Tesco 99RON. Optimax followed. What was interesting was that the "drivers choice" was still Optimax due to the way the test car (a new Golf Gti) was much more "zingier" and keener to rev. The race fuel was obviously further ahead.

    They also had another test car (a new M5) which surprisingly did not make much difference which fuel it was running on. It developed most power on BP Ultimate, but it wasn't miles ahead. And torque was barely any different at all. They attributed this to what they thought was the engine limiting the torque due to the SMG transmission.

    Interestingly, the engineers at the place where they were doing these tests mentioned that in their experience Impreza's benefitted more from Optimax, and Mitsibushi Evo's more from Ultimate.

    Their main advice though was to make sure that you get your petrol from a busy petrol station, as it tends to "go off" quicker than expected. The number of "dodgy" batches they managed to fill up with during the test was rather worrying.

    Although not conclusive in telling me which fuel was best to buy, it did prove that the benefits of Super are real, and advised filling up with optimax or Ultimate every now and then, purely for the cleaning benefits to your engine

  2. hop2407

    hop2407 Active Member

    Good write up and very informative...... I'll stick with optimax then ......
  3. [ QUOTE ]
    Good write up and very informative...... I'll stick with optimax then ......

    [/ QUOTE ]

    That was my feeling, though I won't go out hunting for a shell garage like i would have done previously, and will settle for Tesco fuel, which I wouldn't have done before.

    Another good point they made is that supermarket fuel generally comes from different suppliers, which goes some way to explaining the different results at the pumps and a bad reputation. Though, the 99 RON fuel (and certain other 95 RON) all come from the same supplier, so are consistent.

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