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Everything you need to know about winter tyres

rezulteo Nov 27, 2012

  1. rezulteo

    rezulteo Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Are you planning on spending your Christmas holidays on the continent? Perhaps skiing in the French Alps?

    Before you go, make sure you don’t put a foot (or tyre!) wrong when it comes to winter regulations.

    In the UK, we know the rules – but what about when it comes to our European neighbours? Studded tyres, winter tyres, chains…the laws are different and vary from one country to another. It is therefore necessary to keep your self up-to-date in order to avoid accidentally breaching the law or being told off by a European neighbour because of your mistake!

    To make it impossible for you to get caught out, rezulteo has created a map of Europe that you can attach to your fridge!


    For more details, you can find a table with the details specific to each European country explaining regulations for winter tyres, studded tyres and even snow chains on the full article below:

    Regulations for the use of winter tyres, snow chains and studded tyres in Europe on rezulteo
  2. _G_

    _G_ Active Member

    I dont know who you are rezulteo but thanks for your tyre tips you tyre-head... we will be taking a trip through europe this winter to our log cabin in Austria... this is very useful!

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