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EVAP Code Issues

hoppy760 Dec 4, 2009

  1. hoppy760

    hoppy760 New Member

    I have a '98 2.8, manual with 160K on the engine. My check engine light keeps coming on and I am getting a code for EVAP SYS-large leak detected. Car runs fine except I have a hard time starting it every time I put gas in it. A friend of mine who is a mechanic has replaced the following:

    1. Gas Cap
    2. Vaccum hoses
    3. vent hose at the tank
    4. Evap Cellunoid

    This was all done is steps but the check engine light is still appearing. He doesn't specialize in Audi and he's kinda stumped at what could be the issue.

    I beieve this issue started over a year ago. Back then the engine ran rough so I took it in to my Audi mechanic who replaced the Evap sensor or something along those lines. This was over a year ago so I don't remember what he replaced exactly. However, soon after he fixed it the check engine light came on about 2-3 weeks later. Car seems to run fine eventhough light comes on so I kept driving it.

    Thanks for any advice on this issue.


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