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European Tyre labelling : have you heard about it ?

rezulteo Oct 6, 2011

  1. rezulteo

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    Did you know that in November 2012, a new European law will come into operation that will make tyre labelling obligatory?

    This law will allow the consumer to have more information on:
    >Safety, and braking efficiency on a wet road
    >Fuel consumption
    >Sound produced

    A letter associated with a colour will allow an easy evaluation of the first two criteria: energetic efficiency and braking on a wet road.
    The grading system will be as follows: the best performance (green A) to the worst performance (red G). The level of sound produced will be indicated in decibels.

    If this first step is an advance towards standardizing the tyre market, and allows the consumer to choose higher quality products, then this current labelling should evolve further, to become a correct and fair way to advise consumers on other aspects such as longevity.

    These new rules will no doubt have an impact neighbouring countries that will try to match this European law.

    What do you think about this new law?

    To find out more:Tyre labelling
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