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Euro_mans S3 8L

Euro_man Apr 17, 2013

  1. Euro_man

    Euro_man New Member

    Hey Everyone,
    I recently purchased a 2003 Audi S3 8l model. It was just supposed to be a daily run around car for the time being however as I do with all cars one thing led to another. The car was completely stock when I bought it and I am posting this thread as I go.

    To date I have installed a FMIC whilst retaining the front foglights. (fog lights currently off de to being cracked). Was a direct fit and really easy to install.

    Next the fun began. I am currently in the middle of preparing the car for a vinyl wrap. I have shaved door handles side strips, side indicators, all key holes and the antenna

    IMG_2030.jpg IMAG1037.jpg IMAG1036.jpg 563244_10151269789397233_107131276_n.jpg

    FMIC installed

    IMG_2145.jpg IMG_2150.jpg IMG_2157.jpg IMG_2153.jpg

    Now the sanding and welding processes to get the car ready for wrapping.

    IMG_2213.jpg IMG_2222.jpg IMG_2242.jpg IMG_2207.jpg IMG_2246.jpg

    Car goes into workshop to get wrapped next week.
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  2. JudderMan

    JudderMan Well-Known Member

    Looks great. What colour are your wrapping it? Black still or? Did you do the prep? I couldn't imagine sanding into such shiny paint :huh:
  3. Euro_man

    Euro_man New Member

    can someone please delete this thread. I started a proper one

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