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Euro-Rally 07 Nurburg and Amsterdam

wayner007 Nov 18, 2006

  1. wayner007

    wayner007 New Member


    New rally event starting next year 2007.
    The event is called VAG-Rally and is run by euro-rally based here www.euro-rally.co.uk.
    Vag rally as the title suggests is for all cars under the Volkwagen and Audi group including Skoda and Seat.
    The rally will be over a weekend in 2007 around the end of Aug start of Sep. The rally will have challenges every day to complete some easy some hard.
    We will start in Calais(tbc) and go over to the Nurburg ring to give the cars a good run. With some awards and prizes that include £1000 for first place.
    After the ring we will blast on up to Amsterdam for a party and an awards night.
    Prizes will be given out on a points system and awards will be voted by the competetors themselves.
    The whole event is based around value for money and having a good laugh and party spirit all the way through is a must.
    Party now sleep later:beerchug:
    We can be contacted at contactus@euro-rally.co.uk
    Registration opens very soon and will be limited to 100 teams more details on the site.
    Come visit have a look around any think you might think would be good email us as we always up for suggestions.
    Admin Euro-Rally
  2. Defratos

    Defratos You’re Dethpicable!!

    Sounds nice, kinda like the Bull Run, gotta wait a while though
  3. wayner007

    wayner007 New Member

    Yeh know its a while away but really wasn't going to publish the site until the new year, bit of a sneek preview for this forum.
    Going to run another event before this one but that is still being finalised.
    More to follow shortley.:sos:

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