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Euro Car Parts - Pagid S4 Caliper

Gibonz Aug 21, 2010

  1. Gibonz

    Gibonz Vorsprung Durch Technik


    Been searching for a set of S4 calipers for a while with no luck.

    Found these on the Euro Car Parts website and wondered are they a decent buy? Will they be identical to the OEM items?

    Pagid Audi - Euro Car Parts UK


  2. sebhar70

    sebhar70 Member

    They look good to me for the price, they are remanufactured so are supposedly in a higher state of condition than say a rebuilt caliper (although this is questionable) Pagid are a good manufacturer you get a warranty, although I'm not sure for how long with remanufactured items. I may consider purchasing these items considering they are as good as new for a third of the price. They probably are OEM but have had a fault at some time and have been remanufactured rather than binned. The site quotes a price inclusive of surcharge of which you will be refunded upon receipt of old brakes, I don't know if they accept say A4 brakes for S4, even if they don't the full price is reasonable.
  3. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    The remanufactured Pagid calipers are as new and you will get a full year warranty. They are cleaned, acid dipped, painted, bore cleaned and new piston and seals fitted then tested. I have fitted a few of these a few years ago and they are as good as the ones from dealer.

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