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ESR and ABS lights on

stevedsteve Dec 22, 2008

  1. stevedsteve

    stevedsteve New Member

    Guy's can anybody help. My ESR and ABS lights came on tested both and they don't work then yesterday my Glowplug light started flashing on my A6 1.9TDI auto. No brake lights work, she has done 96,000 but runs fine apart from the lights. The glow plug light comes on when the engine is started and the ESR and ABS comes on when in gear and foot off the brake. Thanks Steve
  2. meatychi

    meatychi Member

    The flashing glowplug would suggest that there is a problem with your engine management and the ABS, could be sensors or your ECU, as you are experiencing both it could be your dashboard pod.

    You need to get it on a diagnostics tool really!
  3. Flying Spanner

    Flying Spanner Member

    Its your brake light switch. Very common and part has now been modified.

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