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ESP & TPMS warnings on dash

Bustanut May 6, 2013

  1. Bustanut

    Bustanut New Member

    I fitted my westfalia towbar and wiring loom today. I got the model specific wiring loom and had no problems fitting it and getting all the connections working. I had to disconnect the battery whilst carrying out the installation and now it's all fitted and the battery is reconnected I have TPMS fault and ESP lights on the dash. I've checked all the tyre pressures and tried to store them again but had no luck. I will need to go to the stealers to get the code for the towbar to switch off the parking sensor but wondered if anyone knows a quick fix for the faults or why they have appeared even though I haven't touched the TPMS or ESP.

    p.s. the hold assist for the handbrake doesn't work either.

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