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ESP light turned on while driving, quattro seem to be disabled.

LWNY Jul 26, 2010

  1. LWNY

    LWNY Member

    Oi mates. I have an 3.2 quattro here in the colony and one day in the middle of driving my the ESP light suddenly went on in my lorry. I couldn't turn it off via the ESP on/off button. I tried to floor throttle on a standing start (with DSG) to see if stability control was still working and noticed that the front tyres were peeling out but the car wasn't going anywhere and wouldn't even make it over a sleeping policeman (now I know what you lads who's engine drives the wrongs wheels are complaining about ).

    When I got home, I shut the engine off and back on again, the ESP light went off, and am back in quattro mode.

    This happened a few more times and usually happens when I go hard on turnabouts or highway exit ramps.

    Have any of ye chaps experienced this?

    Audi service here in the colony says they didn't see any codes, but those gormless wankers are plonkers so I expected them to say that.

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