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esp light staying on cutting engine out

kendo01 Oct 27, 2007

  1. kendo01

    kendo01 New Member

    2.5 tdi multitronic esp light came on engine running like a bag of nails wont pu;ll and cuts out,light sometimes goes out and runs ok until you put foot on brake and select drive please help ,did this a few months ago left it a few days and was perfect up until two days ago
    no engine management light on:sadlike:
  2. motosparkz

    motosparkz Member

    Hi Kendo01,

    You really need this on a diagnostics machine or vagcom, although I have come across similar before, although not to the extent of the engine dying, & this was down to the infamous brake pedal position switch.

    What sounds like is happening is the esp etc is getting 1 signal & the engine another. It is also the brake pedal position switch which stops you over-revving it in neutral or with your foot on the brake, (in this case the revs should come down when you touch the brake, bit of a ****** for left foot braking though<S>).
    I would probably say it's only that, but you really meed it diagnosing to confirm.

    Hope this helps, & although it seems severe, it's probably a £10 sensor/switch at worse.

    Shane, (York)
  3. golf

    golf ***** rent boy VCDS Map User

    It could be the crankshaft sensor.

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