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ESP light comes on in high boost?

s3withproblems Aug 25, 2005

  1. s3withproblems

    s3withproblems New Member

    I have upgraded my chip in 2001 s3, now it gives around 1.5bar peak boost (it was 1.1 with the previous chip). But now I have problems with it:
    1) ESP light comes on in an aggresive drive
    2) Most importantly; Now there is a big turbo lag, the car does not response well to the throttle. The turbo kick comes very late when I hit the gas to the end.
    Need help.
    Are all 1.4 - 1.5 guys have that big turbo lag. I see the boost at the gauge, but it takes very long time for the turbo to kick in. It was not like that when I was doing less boost.
  2. amoani

    amoani Member

    It may seem obvious but have you checked for an air leak from a hose or if any of the hoses are collapsing? I had the same prob on mine, althogh mine is standard, and was due to a vaccum hose come loose. I have also read about the intake hose collapsing on remapped cars. which would cause sensors to get different readings, which in turn causes the ecu to go into limp mode. Just a thought.


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