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ESP light and handbrake light

marcyp Nov 18, 2009

  1. marcyp

    marcyp Only me

    iv just had a problem come up with my qts, after a hard drive on a privet road i was braking to a stop not overly hard like 70-75%, i stopped got out my car left it running like i normally do to let it cool down, and then my friend asked me was i giving it some as my rear disks were glowing red hot witch i was strange as thats never happened before so i left the handbrake off so they could cool down, then my dash light up with the wear indicator light handbrake light and the esp light, after letting it cool down i turned the car off and turned it on and the wear indicator light had gone off but the handbrake light and esp light stay on even when the handbrake is off, dose anyone know what could be up with it, im gonna try and get it on vagcom in the morning im just hoping i haven't cooked anything or coursed any meager problems because i only paid for my cam belt to be done last week thanks people
  2. Mehmet

    Mehmet Member

    Im guessing you burnt some brake fuild...check and top up.

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