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ESP is the mutts nuts!!

Nitro Dec 23, 2009

  1. Nitro

    Nitro Member

    I am genuinely astonished by how well my quattro is in the snow and on ice. I drove up a hill, tarmac covered in an inch of snow&ice that a land rover S111 was struggling to get up. The ESP light in the dash flashes and you can fell the power being shifted around and it just keeps going! The back slides around a bit, you get a bit of oversteer and a bit of understeer into and out of corners, but the car seems to sort this out for you! its awesome.
  2. jq_quint

    jq_quint Member

    I am a little jealous as upto about 3 years ago I had a BMW 523 which I got rid of after we had seen the worse snow fall in our area for a few years and the day it hit it was like driving home with the grim reaper sitting next to you in the passenger seat. Since then (last 3 years) I have owned an A6 quattro (seen no snow) and now an S4 and still in our town not seen any snow yet ! ! ! :sob:
  3. Matt82

    Matt82 Active Member

    i managed to get the s4 stuck, for about 10 seconds, during a hoon in a B&Q car park :p

    my driveway has a steep ramp and everything was covered in an inch of ice, the car shouldnt have been able to move but it found grip.

    i have been really impressed with the whole quattro thing over the last week and its a lot of fun when you have enough grunt to get the car out of line. you have to settle the car into the corner first, then poke it. plenty of easy-to-catch-oversteer to be had!

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