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** ESP FAULT ** light has come on twice now.... HELP....!!!

pezlaa Dec 29, 2010

  1. pezlaa

    pezlaa New Member

    Hi Everyone,


    I have a 2008 Audi A4 (SE). Its the new shape Model - B8 I think.. !?!?

    I have had two occurences now where when driving normally when the DIS in front me of me has poppped us with "ESP FAULT! - Consult drivers manual".

    First time was on the motorway doing 70mph...... I nearly kack'd it.... when stopping at the next services, I looked at the manual and all it said was turn off engine for a bit and restart... the fault should go.

    It went in a month or so ago for new SUSPENSION MOUNTS.... on a 2008 car...!!!! .... under warranty of course - I was getting a sligt knocking at low speed turns...ie in driveway... occured very rarely but still a worry.

    Anyways... as it went in, Audi Cheshire Oaks checked it out on their system and told me no Fault Codes where found..... hmmm I thought...!!! They said not to worry.

    Only yesterday, did the same fault pop up in front of me... this time, reversing in a car parking space in work..

    Can anyone help and try to shine some light on the above issue Audi says I dont have... ????

    Also, anyone had new top mounts...???

    Thanks in advance.
  2. scoTTy

    scoTTy Active Member

    If you're car is something like this then it is a B8 :

    Either way I'd simply capture it on my phone when it happens and then email it to your dealer asking when it can be booked in to remedy it. I'd insist it was resolved on the basis that if the ESP is not always operating correctly then it's a safety issue.

    To be fair if it's intermittent then it could be a bitch to find. I'm surprised theres no DTCs showing ... unless they've fed you a line. Maybe someone close to you in Cheshire has got VCDS so they can run a scan?
  3. funkycat

    funkycat Member

    Ask your local dealer to check front speed sensors. Did this happen in wet conditions?
  4. pezlaa

    pezlaa New Member

    Both days were dry. One at 70mph and the other at 2mph going in reverse. thanks for the tip. I'll mention that to the dealership.
  5. Scopey

    Scopey New Member

    I had a the same fault and Audi replaced the steering angle sensor which cured the fault
  6. Wilkinson

    Wilkinson Geordie

    Not sure whether it applies to your car but certainly since about 2006 VAG group have been aware that there is / was ? a problem with the ATE Teves Mk. 60 ABS / ESP module on some of its cars including Golf, A3's, A4's etc. If my memory serves me correctly its something to do with the brake pressure sensor within the ABS unit. If this is the same module on your car and it is still under warranty Audi should replace it at minimum cost. Full cost is well over £1K some quote £1500. Make sure the problem is recorded with Audi. I always record any faults by e-mail as well as visiting the dealer to ensure they can't contest things after the warranty runs out.
  7. pezlaa

    pezlaa New Member

    just an update:
    I've been in to Audi Cheshire Oaks who put it on the diag system again. They found an intermitant fault on the steering wheel angle sensor, so thats going to be replaced soon.

    thanks for everyones advice. Hopefully this will be of some use to other people having the same prob.
  8. Mcgough

    Mcgough Member

    Mine been on for this fault twice now, once in feb 10 when i bought it and identical feb 11 both times had a steering wheel angle sensor fitted
  9. VRStu

    VRStu Just Looking VCDS Map User

    There is a repair kit for these now I think.

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