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ESP button?

SimonA3T Dec 3, 2010

  1. SimonA3T

    SimonA3T Member

    Hi guys

    I havnt had my A3 that long, can someone explain to me what the ESP light does on mY A3 1.8T?

    If I press it, an orange comes on the instrument panel - Like a circle, with an arrow going around?

    What does this do?

    thanks :cool:
  2. superkarl

    superkarl MAN OF STEEL

    esp applies the brakes a tad, comes off throttle and dumps the boost when a wheel/s break grip. that button disables it, because its a pain in the ass and comes in too early. when i first got my car i remember nailing it round a corner and the road surface changed and the power just cut for a split second, i thought it had died but it was just the esp cutting in, trying to stop me spinning out of control. pressing the button and the light coming on means its off. find somewhere where you might break grip and find out for yourself
  3. SimonA3T

    SimonA3T Member

    So if it the light is on you are more like to spin etc?

    If you leave it (no light on) the brakes are alreasy applied (i.e safer?)
  4. s3dave

    s3dave TFSI Hybrid Supporter

    ESP off = light on the dash you are in control of your acceleration with no computer aid...
    Depends how you drive, it is a safety feature, but like said if you are confident with the car it works a bit to well.
    When piloting an Audi if you enter a corner too fast for road conditions (wet or snow or mud) and suddenly let off the gas to slow yourself down (which is what most people do) you will experince oversteer. This simply means the back end of the car will slide out and point the car sharply into the corner as the front end tries to swap places with the rear end. ESP will try to save you by electronically applying individual brakes to individual wheels to get the car pointing the right way ....
  5. AWDMk1

    AWDMk1 Member

    Yes, thats the way it works..... when the light is off to begin with and then you drive the car hard, it will flash momentarily while it is cutting in aka interfering, when the light is on solid it means the ESP is sswitched off altogether and it won't interfere
  6. SimonA3T

    SimonA3T Member

    Cool, thanks!!

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