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ESP button works - BUT no esp?

zeratul Dec 1, 2009

  1. zeratul

    zeratul Member

    Hi. In the past the esp light on the dash has come on when it should do - when I pull away at roundabouts too fast etc. But the other day I noticed a lot of wheel spin and thought thats odd.

    So I tried to wheel spin off or break suddenly and couldn't get the ESP light on the dash to come on. When I press or depress the button the light on the dash turns on and off as it should.

    So... am I right to think that something is wrong, or is it not supposed to stop me skidding when breaking and traction control when pulling away?
  2. nmahi

    nmahi New Member

    seems like somethings wrong, u need vag.com
  3. paul20v

    paul20v Audi fanatic

    ABS for braking ,
    Electronic Stability Program for traction control and stability program which works also with longtitude and latitude sensors also.
    but yeah it will spin slightly then should kick in and flash the light on the dash as you already know .

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