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ESP and flashing glow plug icon. Lateral acceleration sensor?

Taff D Jun 22, 2012

  1. Taff D

    Taff D Member

    Hi All

    I think I have two coincidentally occurring faults. A few weeks ago I noticed the ESP light coming on, and it still does after approximately 7 miles! Or 10 mins of driving I'm not sure which. I also had flashing glow plug indicators. Now after reading here I got a new brake light switch which seems to have sorted the flashing glow plug, however, that fault was intermittent anyway. But the ESP light still comes on after a while. I have read it could be caused by many things expensive and cheap to sort. Could I just go to my local VW to get it diagnosed? Nearest Audi dealer is in Carlisle, 35 miles away! Or anyone in Workington with VAGCOM?

    Or could someone recommend a cable from ebay, I only have tower unit so can only get the car to within 8 metres of the machine. Can you extend them with usb cables?

    I had to replace 4 way box last month as indicators stopped working properly, I hope it's not the start of an electrical meltdown.


    Last edited: Jun 22, 2012

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