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ESP and EPC Light Staying On And Engine Revs Up & Down??

pazaz Mar 15, 2010

  1. pazaz

    pazaz Member

    My mate has just bought a 2001 A3 and is experiancing the following two problems. I wonder If anybody can assist in the diagnosis please?

    1: The EPC & ESP is coming on and staying on. When engine is switched off it does go off but soon comes back on. The rear brake lights are also not working but not sure if this is connected to the same problem??

    2: The engine revs are dipping when ticking over and when approaching junction/roundabouts sometimes the rev dip that much the power steering doesnt work, which is a bit scary.

    I appreciate they may be two completly seperate problems.

    Your help/assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks
  2. S3PEG

    S3PEG Member

    Not sure if this helps... I had a similar problem where my revs would fluctuate when idling. Turned out to be the water temperature sensor - cheap fix for this problem. Not sure if the two are related... sounds unlikely!

    Good luck!
  3. s3_kev

    s3_kev Stage2'd!!!!!!

    get it on vag.com sounds to me like could be mass air flow and either 2 blown bulbs or a brake light switch
  4. sportstractor

    sportstractor Chugger

    yeah i think i read that a MAF can cause ESP light to come on. Unplug the maf, disconnect the battery for 10 mins and see what happens

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