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Errors on CD

Bula_82 Jun 19, 2006

  1. Bula_82

    Bula_82 Self Confessed Nightmare!


    Bought a 2000 A3 almost a month ago and on the way home the CD's played fine, however now, I get either ERR1 (not installed properly) or ERR2 (CD scratched) sometimes it'll play a few songs then do it, sometimes it'll decide to error halfway through a song or it will just keep going over all 6CD's in turn giving me the error without playing anything :(

    Ive put this question somwhere else before I joined here and basically I got one reply from another newbie suggesting I clean the lens, so I'm counting on you all to help me a bit more! :)

    Ive been reading through some of the other threads on here and it seems its a common problem, just wondering what is the easiest way of cleaning the lens, I don't want to damage it, so should I buy one of the CD kits that basically put it in like a normal CD and it cleans it or attempt to take it all apart (cheaper option) but if so how do I do this?

    Also, if that doesn't help, has anyone another clue as to what can be causing it? - radio and tape work fine.


  2. Bula_82

    Bula_82 Self Confessed Nightmare!

    Does no body know? :(

    Im using tapes at the moment lol, driving me nuts!
  3. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Eject the CD magazine, take the changer out an disconnect it.
    Then take the top off the changer by removing the obvious screws.
    You should then be able to see the transport mechanism.
    You won't be able to see the lens as it faces downwards, but it's pretty obvious where it is.
    Dip a cotton bud in lighter fluid and give the area a good wipe, you should see the dirt come off on the cotton bud.
    This worked for me but was a while back so can't remember the detail.
  4. Olly_K

    Olly_K Administrator

    i would say disconnect it and reconnect it. opening it will void the warranty as there is a yellow sticker on the 2 edges. I would also try ejecting the cartridge and getting a can of compressed air with the "straw" attachment and giving the cartridge hole a good blow.
    Out of curiousity, are you using blank cd-r's, cd-rw's etc or proper bought album CD's from a shop ?

    I usually burn my music onto CD-R, and when in the changer, it says no-disc but it still plays fine.
  5. Bula_82

    Bula_82 Self Confessed Nightmare!

    Cheers, i'll give it a go :)

    Olly, i've a mixture of different CD's I have tried, both burned and shop, as I thought it was the type of CD I was using but it made no difference.

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