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Epic allroad suspension battle

Delboy73 Jan 13, 2013

  1. Delboy73

    Delboy73 New Member

    Had car four months and the suspension is a total pain.
    The garage in where I purchased the car in Kircaldy were amateurish in fixing the fault(s).
    First they simply reset the fault(s), second after much pressure from me they replaced the pressure regulating valve.
    Then after them basically calling me a liar they reluctantly took the car in and had the part they fitted programmed.
    All the time the fault light would basically come back on after a week or two.
    I then took it to a friends garage and they replaced the level sensor.
    This worked fine for a while but on a cold morning last week that light came back on it always happens in the morning and usually when it's cold. The battery was always very weak and only just started car( I asked to have it replaced but no).
    I've heard that if the battery is weak it may stop compressor getting power on start up.
    Battery replaced now so let's see.
    Grateful for any opinions.
  2. vilius

    vilius New Member

    Its possible that you have a week compressor. It brings the light on when its unable to complete its job on time. I have that problem. The compressor works, but not pumping inaf preasure as it should and then it is stoped by overheating relay. You have to switch the ignition off and then back on again to complete the compresor pump required presure.
    You require to complete calibration on all wheels after you replaced the level sensor.

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