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epc light cant diagnose

gussyldr Mar 13, 2013

  1. gussyldr

    gussyldr Member TFSI Owners Group Team Brilliant Black quattro Audi A3 s tronic S-line owners group

    so i went out today every think was fine went to park up and my epc light comes on so i turn the car off for a while then turn it back on epc lights still on so i bring it to a local garage to get diagnosed but on the way there every time i stopped the car would struggle to stay on like it was misfiring.
    The guy tried two diagnostics machines but none would communicate with my car its like the port is dead nothing

    does anybody have any ideas why this would be happing i had a spare key done about two weeks ago and the port was fine i dont understand how it can just stop working?

    oh sorry the cars a3 3.2 2004 dsg its done 117miles

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