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EPC Light - 1.6 FSI

ARH Aug 1, 2013

  1. ARH

    ARH Member

    Today I was driving along at around 30mph when all of a sudden the EPC light came on and my engine had stalled, I pulled over and started the engine again and it was fine, like nothing happened. Got the car home and the EPC light was gone.

    I don't know if this is connected but recently I've been having a loud rattle noise on start up (about one in 30 start ups), I have done a search on Google and it seems to be a problem with the chain tensioner, or the oil pump.

    Also, rarely on start up the engine will be on 200-300 revs shaking like mad until I give it a good rev then it will sit normally under 1000 revs, does this sound like a oil pump problem, or chain tensioner? Or both?

    The car is a 55 plate (facelift) 1.6 FSI with only 49k on the clock.

    Any ideas?


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