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Engine won't run after mounting bolts sheared :-(

VaulterTim Jul 11, 2007

  1. VaulterTim

    VaulterTim In a world of my own...

    Hi all,

    Got a probelm I need some advice with. Apologies in advance for the essay!

    Here's the lowdown...

    I recently replaced the engine mounting bolts on the driver's side of a friends 1999 A3 1.9tdi because somehow they sheared! He has absolutely no idea about cars whatsoever so I stepped in to repair it for him.

    The sheared bolts obviously resulted in the engine dropping on the drivers side and there it stayed. And even though he had driven it home about 8miles or so after he heard the 'bump' it would run... there were quite a few metal shavings where the cam pulleys had been rubbing against the engine mouting itself and the upper cam cover was knackered but apart from that it seemed ok.

    The trouble I'm having is this... now that I have replaced the bolts, the engine won't run! :think:

    It starts after a long time cranking, runs for about a second then cuts out...

    The oil warning light also comes on even though I've topped it up.

    At first I thought it was air in the fuel since I had to remove the fuel hoses to get to the mounting... but all the air bubbles seem to have been pumped through now.

    I'm thinking that maybe it slipped a tooth on the timing belt.. ? In which case it's engine :Flush: Need to get VAG-COM on there tomorrow to see if there are any codes stored but just wanted another opinion before I tear it all apart again. Any ideas?



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