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Engine Tuning Help Needed...

Vikz Jul 31, 2006

  1. Vikz

    Vikz Member

    Alright everyone,

    been looking on the awesome gti and jabba sport website about engine tuning. I have an 1.8T (150bhp) and on both websites it shows a tuning option for 1.8T which is from 150bhp to 196bhp but then theres an 1.8T VVT option from 150bhp to 207bhp! I'm confused, whats the difference?

    also on the jabba website it shows a price for generice performance software + which is £375 incl VAT and then theres a price for custom rolling road remap which is £475 incl VAT.

    can someone shed some light on this and also offer me the best option.

  2. dummi

    dummi smoking a6

    vvt is the variable valve timing model

    generic is always the cost effective route just uploaded to your ECU and is a good first mod..

    rolling road is more involved gives a more precise tuning to your cars unique attributes.. you'd most likely have this if you were planning a turbo upgrade and would likely be long research on what other performance mods you are doing, the custom map will make the most of these

    they are all reputable tuners, also consider JBS, Star, MRC, AMD, Badger
  3. Vikz

    Vikz Member

    thanks for clearing that up, i'm also guna have a look at the other tuners you mentioned.

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