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Engine Tuning Help Needed...

Vikz Jul 31, 2006

  1. Vikz

    Vikz Member

    Alright everyone,

    been looking on the awesome gti and jabba sport website about engine tuning. I have an 1.8T (150bhp) and on both websites it shows a tuning option for 1.8T which is from 150bhp to 196bhp but then theres an 1.8T VVT option from 150bhp to 207bhp! I'm confused, whats the difference?

    also on the jabba website it shows a price for generice performance software + which is £375 incl VAT and then theres a price for custom rolling road remap which is £475 incl VAT.

    can someone shed some light on this and also offer me the best option.

  2. noodle

    noodle Member

    Not really answering the question as I am not technically minded, but I understand that AmD at Bicester are very good.. have you spoken to them yet?
  3. dgannon69

    dgannon69 Member

    Depends what year your car is also mate. I'd go for the Jabba remap if i were you...
  4. j4jon

    j4jon Member

    The VVT stands for (I think) Variable Valve timing, which I believe is just used to reduce emissions at idle, I'm sure someone can confirm or deny.

    The generic performance software, means that they just upload the new software map to the car and off you go, it is just off the shelf. For the custom rolling remap, they upload the generic map to the car then tweak it to get the best out of your car, in terms of performance, safety and economy.

    I have a custom remap from Jabba and have had it for just over a month now. Made a huge difference to the car, and it's so much more fun to drive. I would recommend it, and Jabba to anyone.

    Hope that helps
  5. millsyd

    millsyd Member

    yeah go jabba, they are great guy's. Done my car and it is a good, one think id say if you do get a custom map if you are planing any other mods engine wise e.g filter, intercooler try to do them first.
  6. S3Steve

    S3Steve Active Member

    Id definately recomend Jabba.

    If youve got questions why not give Jabba a call, Nick is really helpful and more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

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