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Engine Swap question

ALucard- Jul 20, 2008

  1. ALucard-

    ALucard- New Member


    I stumbled upon your forum while searching for info about my audi, and since i cant really find what im looking for i suppose i will ask for it over here :p

    I currently drive a Audi Coupe '89 based on the B3 platform. It wearing a NG engine which i must say is really doing well but im a speed demon and i want more out of this car :racer:

    I have looked and asked around and from what i have seen i can fit either the 7A (2.3 litre 170BHP) engine or the NM(2.0 160 litre 160BHP). From what i have seen through the internet and in most auto selling sites i can only find the 7A engine but only in quattro cars! I am absolutely certain that they sold 7A engines in Audi 90's that were non quattro...

    As for the NM engine i was told it was only released in Switzerland and nowhere else!

    Due to taxes based on cc's here in Greece i am mostly interested in purchasing a NM engine.(you have to register your car every year, the 2.0 litre registration costs 160 euros the 2.3 litre costs 420).

    Anyone got any ideas-info on these two things?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Rev-head

    Rev-head Active Member

  3. scotty33

    scotty33 Member

    In the UK there were 2wd 20v's (7A) both coupe and sedan models.

    I read that the NM was mainly destined for Italy, also for tax reasons. It was not as far as I know imported into the UK.

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