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Engine Seized.....

Sm[]key Apr 11, 2007

  1. Sm[]key

    Sm[]key New Member

    The saga with this car continues......see previous posts

    Today on my way to work the engine on my A4 1.9 tdi '98 gave up the ghost.

    Travelling at around 80-90mph the power dropped off from the car. I moved to the middle lane of the motorway and still no power.....the engine was still running. I decided to pull onto the hard shoulder I could hear noises from the engine over the sound of the radio.

    I turned the ignition off then back on again, but the engine was dead.

    The car couldnt be pushed in gear, so I assumed the engine had seized. The cams are moving but the bottom end is now solid.

    I've just got towed home and am going to investigate.

    Anyone any ideas? Maybe the oil pump has failed......although I had no warring lights??


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