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Engine "readiness"

bikefright May 10, 2007

  1. bikefright

    bikefright Member

    I have two "failed/incomplete" items listed under engine readiness:

    Oxygen Sensor
    Secondary Air Injection

    What on earth is the second item??


    This is the VAG-COM FAult Code output, note I have resolved the last three items (replaced all 6 ignition coils):

    Thursday, 10 May 2007, 11:44:39
    VAG-COM Version: Release 409.1-US
    Control Module Part Number: 8E0 909 559 M
    Component and/or Version: 3.0L V6/5V G 0010
    Software Coding: 0011751
    Work Shop Code: WSC 00411

    4 Faults Found:

    16815 - Warm Up Catalyst: Bank 2: Efficiency Below Threshold
    P0431 - 001 - Upper Limit Exceeded

    16684 - Shareware Version. To Decode all DTCs
    P0300 - 001 - Please Register/Activate - Intermittent

    16690 - Shareware Version. To Decode all DTCs
    P0306 - 001 - Please Register/Activate - Intermittent

    16687 - Cylinder 3 Misfire Detected
    P0303 - 001 - Upper Limit Exceeded - Intermittent
  2. icenutter

    icenutter Member

    A guess: 2nd one could be something to do with AGR.
  3. bikefright

    bikefright Member

    Thanks icenutter - i've updated my post as I'd made some important mistakes in the post, maybe this might help diagnosis. I've added VAG-COM output too.
  4. bikefright

    bikefright Member

    Just found a PDF here, I know it'f for a TT, but the principal is most likely the same:


    This links my Secondary Air Injection issue with the Warm Up Catalyst.

    I'm going to check all my vacuum hoses at first as the car has just had a sevice at a stealership.......

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