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Engine Problems

cooky19 May 16, 2011

  1. cooky19

    cooky19 Shiny S line Quattro

    Hi guys having a problem with my 2.0 TDI S line at 19,000 miles my first turbo failed and replaced under warranty then at 36.000 miles I started havig reoccuring problems with the car going into limp mode dealers diagnosed turbo producing excessive boost, a lot of arguing later with Audi and got another turbo fitted free of charge. Now today at 44,000 miles the car has gone into limp mode again whilst overtaking on the motorway, not ideal! Couldf anyone please advise as to what may be causing this as its obvious there's something thats been overlooked causing this problem. The cars not been mapped and is a standard 140 TDI engine code BKD any help would be appreciated. Not had chance yet to get the error code for todays limp mode episode.
  2. zippyijk

    zippyijk Member

    Sounds similar to my problem?? I was going into limp mode (overboost PDC), thought it was the turbo so had it removed & reconditioned. another 5-8k later same sh*t turbo was coated in gunk, then noticed the coolant was having to be topped up quite frequently. Turns out theres a crack in the cylinder head and the sh*t is getting burnt and coating everything with gunk which is causing the turbo issue. Very very frequent issue with BKD apparantly :crying:

    Hopefully not your problem but maybe something to look at.

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