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Engine power and spec, BHP etc and opinions please

TonyT Oct 22, 2006

  1. TonyT

    TonyT Finally got my A6

    Does anyone know or have a link to the engines in the A6?

    What was available post '98 and in what guise? including BHP figures and 0-60 where possible.

    Having a dilema.

    Really fancy a 2.7 bi turbo. don't think my wallet can handle the day to day fuel costs. So as said in previous posts looked at the oposite end 1.8T but not sure what to expect. got told today off a not too reliable work collegue that the 1.8T puts out 180BHP is that correct? I thought it was 150BHP. do you have to ring it's noeck to get and performance out of it? or what would other people recomend?

    was there a `1.8 non turbo engine? been looking on Auto trader and find quite a few just listed as 1.8

    The very confused

    TonyT:think: :sadlike: :scared2: :sos:
  2. wise_old_fart

    wise_old_fart New Member

  3. dummi

    dummi smoking a6

    having tried 1.8t and still with 2.7t,

    1.8t fwd 150bhp 5 speed is underpowered when cruising leading to high gearing and similar economy to 2.7t i get around 30mpg from both in standard guise.

    as with any car the more you put your foot down the more fuel you will use and the faster the more fuel you use, but if you cruise 70-80mph a lot you will get ok fuel figures

    fwd a6 is awful far too heavy understeering quite easily.

    as you say 1.8t 180bhp quattro 6 speed may be worth looking at and be the best compromise on fuel, handling and power.
  4. enda1

    enda1 Member


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