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Engine Overheating during idle.

GuyW Jul 11, 2011

  1. GuyW

    GuyW New Member


    I have Audi A3 2.0 TDI (140) 05 plate.

    I was in London other day and got stuck in horrerous traffic barely 100 yards per 5 min! I even had gearbox in netural position, handbrake on when not moving and its suddenly went to 100 degree even its had a proper coolant liquid in and on maxmium level. Mind you that day was about 30 degree outside!

    When its got 100 degree and I put full heat on and its went back the normal temperature (middle. 50 degree if I remember correctly) then switch heat off its did happened again but when I am moving such as got out of London and its was on right temperature (middle) and never got overheating again.

    What fault could be for this? I am just concered as I don't like damaging my engine.
  2. symun

    symun Member

    i thought it was normal for it to be around 90. if not then your fan may have packed up. if its just been renewed then it probably wasn't bled properly.

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