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Engine Number and Imported cars.

jm-baker Feb 25, 2007

  1. jm-baker

    jm-baker Member

    Went too look at a S3 today, the car is immacluate, FASH, and the spec i want.

    Only query i had was that the engine number on the V5 simplay says: NK

    In the service book it had the engine number, and chassis number, just not on the V5.

    The car was imported from germany when New, so would it be down as in import on the V5? im not farmiliar with imports, anything i should look out for please? I think that because it was first registered in the uk that its not down as an import? am i correct?

    Apart from that the car seems great, last service was at 33,000. The car is on 45,000 now and computer says next service due is about 7500 miles away. Does this sound correct for a long life service vehicle?

    Any help much appreciated.

  2. JustSports

    JustSports Member

    my first S3 was a import, all i remember about the log book is that it didnt
    say S3 on it (which was strange) just 2-axle-rigid-body for make/type. what year is yours ? my current one(non import) is a 2003 and says BAM as engine code.

    One thing to note on imports, mine was a 2003 53 but it had been registered by the dealer in germany in 2002 but never driven, so the warranty was down to just one year (you get a year less anyway on imports) and it needed servicing at 4000 miles because as far as the computer was concerned, time had elapsed. so there is a chance with imports that the year registered in the UK may not be the year it was manf, if you get my drift.

    My Local Audi garage took great pride in telling me the warranty was down to a year, i took great glee in telling them i'd just saved 5 grand of their list price!
  3. simch

    simch Active Member

    It is very common to have not known on the v5 for an import, does nto seem anything to worry about so long as you have it noted elsewhere in case the car get nicked.
    Its the first give away if a car is an import, DVLA dont seem to care, they will issue you a new log book at your address if you buy it with not known on it too.
  4. ash_s3

    ash_s3 Active Member

    Mine is an import, when i HPi checked it there was no record of engine number on the report
    Engine number IS on my V5 though. (could have been added at later date)

    On the model it just says: A3 1.8

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