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Engine mount bolts snapped. Garages fault??

andya22 Apr 3, 2012

  1. andya22

    andya22 New Member

    As you can tell my engine has made a bid for the floor.
    One of the mounting bolts on the drivers side mount has snapped and the other one is missing. The engine is now resting on the cambelts and pulley which I'm thinking is bad news.
    The cambelt was changed 20k miles ago and when doing this I believe you are supposed to replace these bolts which obviously hasn't been done. Is this just my bad luck or is it the garages fault for not replacing the bolts. They are saying to me they never replace the bolts and have never had a problem. Well for me this is quite a fudging big problem.
    I rang audi about whether these bolts should be changed and all they had to say is that if it wasn't serviced at an audi garage then they had no control over the quality of the service and had audi have done it these bolts would've been checked and replaced if necessary. Thanks audi for the help.

    Heres some pictures to enjoy. Let me know what you guys think as to whether the garage should stand the bill.[​IMG]
  2. beachbuggy

    beachbuggy Well-Known Member

    Offically the bolts should be replaced. They are stretch bolts only use once.

    Now of course this isn't always the way and yes you could probably use them again, but you run the risk of them snapping espeically if they've been over torqued a second time. I think you would have good cause to complain to the garage in question and regardless if they say it's never happened to them until now, it has happened now so theres their proof they should be changed. I don't see how they can really get out of it especially if they have said they didn't change them!

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