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Engine Mgt Light - stop or keep going?

The Doctor Aug 10, 2009

  1. The Doctor

    The Doctor Well-Known Member

    Hi guys,

    I've had by 2003 S3 for 3 weeks :)wub:) and this morning on my way to work the engine management light came on (I was driving steadily as I'd only done a cpuple of miles from cold). The car's done 65k and is due a cambelt replacement & water pump replacement, but has 8.3k miles to the next service.

    The light hasn't been on before but is now permanently on. The car drives perfectly and there seems to be no apparent problem with it. I've checked oil & fluid levels & all seems OK. Temperatures are fine. Also had a good listen to the engine with bonnet up just now; very slight "hunting" on idle but nothing major and I could just about hear the water pump clicking away as it does. (This clicking got louder when I opened the expansion tank - is that normal?).

    I have the car booked in for the cambelt & water pump replacement with C&R Enterprises in Nottingham in 2 weeks time, so I'm tempted to wait until then & drive steadily for the next couple of weeks. I'm only going to & from work (12miles each way, constant speed through contry lanes) between now & then.

    What do you reckon? Can I keep on driving it for the next couple of weeks, or would you take it straight in for a diagnosis now?

    Any help/advice greatly appreciated.

  2. zeeeebo

    zeeeebo Lifes one big laugh

    most audi dealers do free health checks which includeds a vag diagnostic read out! best to take it along and have a look, it might be something simple like a loose sensor! but if its somthing more complex it might save u money by getting it done when cambelt and pump are done!
  3. The Doctor

    The Doctor Well-Known Member

    OK, thanks for the advice. I see if my local Audi dealer will do me a free check... watch this space!
  4. Olly P

    Olly P My other cars a mk2 Golf GTi

    I had the same problem a few months ago, turned out to be a sensor, £50 all in to fix it.

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