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Engine managment

tony-b-3.2-v6 Oct 29, 2011

  1. tony-b-3.2-v6

    tony-b-3.2-v6 Member

    Hi People hope someone can help my engine managment light keeps coming on and putting the car into limp mode i have had it on vag he reset it and the code is this 16395 bank1,camshaft A (intake) retard set point not reached (over advanced) P0011 not a plausible signal intermittent. I have been told its just the camshaft sensor need to know if this is something i can do myself and if so where is it and how do you do it THANK YOU IN ADVANCE
  2. TimG

    TimG Active Member

    I changed this sensor on our Polo (literally on top of the engine) and it was an unplug>plug in job. Just depends where it is on the A3, which i cant help you with Im afraid :(

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