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Engine Management Light

plasmaduck Mar 24, 2011

  1. plasmaduck

    plasmaduck New Member

    The first time I checked the codes stored, 16805 - Warm Up Catalyst; Bank 1: Efficiency Below Threshold was the error stored along with

    17947 ?
    18010/P1602/005634 - Power Supply B+ Terminal 30: Voltage too Low

    I reset the codes and the EML went out and didn't come back for a few weeks, next time it lit up I checked the codes (unfortunately I forgot to note the code) but it listed the fault as something like clutch pedal sensor limit reached...

    Can anyone help with this at all? I drove the car 40 miles after the reset and the light hasn't come up again yet.

  2. Woorlord

    Woorlord shifting to Hyperspace... . VCDS Map User

    Get a scan and the respective codes and we can probably advise?

    Old errors which may not be relevant are stored until reset so it is always good practice to print out codes stored before and after a DTC reset.
  3. plasmaduck

    plasmaduck New Member

    That's what I have done? I'm basically asking if anyone knows how a clutch pedal sensor can illuminate a the light for the EML? Surely that light is generally for emissions.
  4. swarcup

    swarcup Well-Known Member

    There is a switch above the clutch pedal and this is linked to the ecu so it knows when the clutch is pressed as these cars are drive by wire. if it stops working then i suppose the eml will show as the ecu will not be recieving any data to whats happening from the clutch
  5. plasmaduck

    plasmaduck New Member

    Thanks for the reply. The light still hasn't come back up so it must be an intermittent thing or perhaps some random glitch...

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